Astor Breaks Ground On New In-House Design & Inspiration Sweet (Suite)

With a focus on innovation, Astor forges ahead breaking ground on a state of the “art” creative suite with a laser sharp focus on progressive design. The 10,000 square-foot facility is expanding with a new 2,900 square-foot Design & Creative Suite which will house their in-house Marketing, Design and Product Development team. Located at 651 New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood, NJ , the facility will support the various sales channels with services such as trend sourcing, packaging design, and brand consulting.

“We are very excited about our new endeavor,” said David Grunhut, steering the planning, design and construction. “We waited 20 years to develop this area with the purpose of identifying ways to enhance productivity and inspire innovation throughout our company. We are committed to investing in the community that is Astor Chocolate and enhancing the quality of life of our employees while excelling creatively for our customers. This project will serve as the ‘standard model’ for how we approach the new development at our facility” said David Grunhut.

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